Salted Caramel Sheet Cake
Recipe type: Dessert
Makes: 15 servings
This salted caramel cake is light and fluffy with a rich salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce infused into the cake.
  • ¾ cup Salted Caramel, cooled (note that you will need additional for buttercream)
  • 1 White Sheet Cake (recipe below), baked and cooled
  • 1 batch Salted Caramel Buttercream (recipe below)
  1. Use a fork to poke holes in cake that go about an inch below the surface; go all the way across the cake (both ways) leaving about an inch between each set of holes
  2. Pour salted caramel evenly over cake
  3. Spread buttercream carefully over caramel layer
  4. Slice and serve! Leftover cake should be covered with seran wrap and eaten within four days; make sure to cover well or edges will get stale
Inspired by The Baker Chick
Recipe by Keep It Sweet Desserts at