Posted on May 15, 2011


First came the engagement celebration, then we had the bachelorette party, and yesterday was the bridal shower!  We are just about a month away from Adam’ and Sara’s big day!

bar 1 jelly beans

Yesterday’s shower was a wonderful afternoon with almost 60 people excited to celebrate such a perfect couple.

tomatoes and mozzerella

And because I am crazy love them both, I offered to bake for the event.  Of course the restaurant has dessert, but there is something about homemade desserts that make people feel happy and loved.


Yes, that’s right, I baked for 60 people.  It was a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of butter, but it was worth it.  Seeing people’s eyes widen as I brought out plate after plate of assorted bite-sized treats was really something.

table 5

This actually gave me the confidence I needed to start thinking about my pipe dream future in the world of baking.

jess lauren

It’s not something I bring up on the blog because, well, I’ve never considered it a real option.  But why not?  People take risks and figure out a way to combine passion and work all the time.  Why should I be any different?

people 8

Up until now I was afraid.

people 11

Afraid I would fail.  Afraid that my friends have only been kind to complement my baking in the past.  Afraid that the one talent I believe I have isn’t really that special.  Afraid of turning something I love into work and then hate.  Afraid of not making enough money.  Afraid I don’t have it in me to succeed in something that is really hard.

lauren sara marcia 3

Up until now, I’ve followed a safe road.  The biggest risk I took was leaving investment banking for a finance job at a start-up company.  Ironically, my former employer crumbled a few months later.

presents 1

But the start-up has done well and I’ve been there almost four years.

desserts 4

So maybe it’s time I reach a little further.  Explore an unfamiliar world where cookies are a dime a dozen.  Where it takes something pretty special to stand out.

desserts 5

And maybe I can be that special.

desserts 2

And maybe my talent is real.

birthday cake 2

And maybe a little fear never hurt anyone.

birthday cake 9

Because that is what will push me, what will motivate me to succeed.

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