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Thank you so much for visiting Keep It Sweet Desserts!  You may be familiar with our history as an online bakery.  While this site is no longer operating as an e-commerce dessert business, I’m still working to provide the best dessert recipes for you!

Lauren Photo 600wI’m Lauren, the writer, photographer and baker behind Keep It Sweet Desserts.  I am a self-taught baker with a big sweet tooth.  I grew up in the kitchen watching my mom bake, always eager to help crack the eggs or lick a spoonful of fresh cookie dough.  My experiences in the kitchen and hosting dinner parties led me to the discovery that baking is more than just pouring ingredients into a mixing bowl or reading directions from a recipe.  It is about putting together something delicious that will bring joy to friends, family and even strangers. Baking is choosing a dessert that will bring the most pleasure to someone else.

While my background is in business and finance, in March of 2012, I followed a new dream and launched the online bakery, Keep It Sweet Desserts.  The business specialized in cookies, brownies, blondies and other mail-order specialty treats in addition to dessert catering.  For over two years I worked as the owner and baker (and dishwasher, marketing manager, operations manager, customer service, delivery person…) of a business that grew to be quite successful.  The bakery was recognized in numerous media outlets including the TODAY Show, Fox and Friends,, Star Magazine, and many more.  We sold sweets on our website in addition to OpenSky and even were honored to be finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards.

In June 2014, I chose to close down the e-commerce business to focus on my growing familyIt was not an easy decision by any means, but I know that for me, this was the right thing to do.

In the meantime, that change has allowed me to refocus much of my energy onto this blog.  My passion for creating and sharing desserts is as strong as ever, and the ability to do so on this platform is completely fulfilling to me.  I’m also devoting some time to helping others get started on their own food businesses.  While my dreams and priorities have changed, I know there are many people still itching to start a bakery and make a living doing something they love.

Some random food facts about me:

  • I need peanut butter to sustain me on a daily basis
  • If something has coconut in it, I will smell/taste/sense it and I won’t like it (I’ve tried)
  • I often wonder why ice cream‘s not its own food group
  • I believe in a balanced diet… the more salad I eat the more dessert I can eat.  That works, right?
  • If a dessert (or any indulgence for that matter) isn’t pretty darn amazing, it’s not worth my time (or calories)

I hope that you take a look around and stay a while.  If you are a first time visitor, welcome!  To get a sense of what I have to offer, here are a few of my favorite recipes:

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