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Keeping it Sweet with Milk Sugar Love

An interview with Emma Taylor of Milk Sugar Love! I’ve known Emma, the creative and talented owner of Milk Sugar Love, my very favorite ice cream store in Jersey City, for a few years now. We met while working in a shared commercial kitchen (I still remember the day I fell in love with her […]

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Pumpkin Cookie Ice Cream

Creamy pumpkin ice cream with huge chunks of pumpkin sandwich cookies. You don’t need an ice cream maker for this fun fall treat! The other week I picked up a bunch of fun fall treats from Trader Joe’s and Target. When I got home, I set them on my counter and said, “inspire me”. And while […]

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Gingersnap Peach Crumble Ice Cream

Gingersnap Peach Crumble Ice Cream

Other title considerations: Brown Butter Gingersnap Crumble Ice Cream; Peach Cobbler Ice Cream with Gingersnap Crumbs; Gingersnap Crunch Ice Cream with Peach Filling; Peach Cobbler Ice Cream; Bourbon Peach Crumble Ice Cream with Gingersnap Crumbs. Decisions, decisions. It’s my birthday week which means that nothing but ice cream will do! I wanted to make one […]

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No Churn Blueberry Crisp Ice Cream

Another amazing no churn ice cream recipe full of homemade blueberry sauce and buttery crisp topping. No ice cream maker, no problem! Sometimes weeks are just insane. Last week was crazy for numerous reasons, add to that, my husband didn’t have an operating cell phone for five days, but I managed to make this ice […]

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Drumstick Ice Cream Cake

Drumstick Ice Cream Cake

An ice cream cake with all the important components of the classic Drumstick treat! You didn’t think I’d let National Ice Cream Month pass without a new ice cream related recipe on the blog, did you? Please, I wouldn’t dare! Actually, I almost forgot, but last week I finally got around to making this pretty […]

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SUBLIME Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Pie!!!

Sublime Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Pie

This no-bake ice cream pie is the ultimate summer dessert! Oreo crust, peanut butter ripple ice cream, tons of peanut butter cups and whipped cream! This dessert wavers back and forth between hot mess and best thing ever. I’m going with best thing ever. This ice cream I shared with you? It was already pretty […]

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Peanut Butter Ripple Chocolate Ice Cream

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this ice cream! Rich chocolate ice cream with a ribbon of salty peanut butter. If you love chocolate and peanut butter as much as I do, you’ve no doubt had a variation of this ice cream flavor before. I know, not as creative as this recipe […]

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Thin Mint Ice Cream

Thin Mint Ice Cream

Creamy no-churn ice cream full of huge Thin Mint cookie chunks. Recently I found myself in a disappointing situation. The ice cream selection in my freezer was boring the heck out of me. To remedy the situation I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some no churn ice cream. You all […]

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Monster Cookie Dough Ice Cream (No Churn!)

Vanilla ice cream loaded with monster cookie dough (peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough with M&Ms and chocolate chips!). You will enjoy cookie dough in every bite! I think the deep freeze is over (said crossing fingers and knocking on wood). And in case it’s not obvious, I (and everyone else in the northeast) am more […]

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Pumpkin and Ginger Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie Cake {Guest Post}

Today I have a guest post from my friend Erin. If you don’t know her blog, The Spiffy Cookie, you definitely need to head over there and explore. Erin and I both have a big love of chocolate, peanut butter and all things sweet. Some of my favorite recipes of hers are the Peanut Butter […]

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Fudgy Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Fudgy Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

This ice cream sandwich recipe is perfect for summer entertaining!  The brownie and ice cream combination is one of my favorites. Since it is my 30th birthday, I thought I should share a recipe that includes one of my favorite things in the whole world… ice cream (hello, obvious).  These Fudgy Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches were […]

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The 30 Best Ice Cream Recipes To Make WITHOUT an Ice Cream Maker

The 30 best ice cream reccipes that don’t require an ice cream maker! In case it isn’t obvious, I love ice cream.  Like, if I had to replace one meal a day with ice cream for the rest of my life, I think I could do that.  Besides, as I’ve discovered this summer, there are […]

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Ginger and Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chewy ginger cookies sandwiched with homemade creamy lemon ice cream make amazing ice cream sandwiches! I sure hope you listened to me on Monday and got your lemon ice cream ready!  If so, time to whip up these chewy ginger cookies and prepare for ice cream sandwich heaven.  If not, get to the ice cream […]

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Creamy and Refreshing Lemon Ice Cream (No Churn)

Another ice cream recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker!  This Lemon Ice Cream is super creamy and quite refreshing, a wonderful summer treat! Sometimes when I enjoy a lemon dessert, I feel like a traitor to my former self.  I was so sworn against lemon anything forever and now I feel like such […]

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No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream with Salty Candied Peanuts

Creamy chocolate ice cream filled with crunchy sweet and salty candied peanuts.  No ice cream maker needed! I was hesitant to make an ice cream that Matt wouldn’t like (ahem, peanut hater), but ultimately I couldn’t resist.  Besides, he’d choose a vanilla base any day while I am a sucker for chocolate.  Especially when that […]

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