Ice Cream, Pizza, Cupcakes and Why My Pants are Tight

Posted on September 13, 2011

Hike in Lenox 12

This past weekend was pretty amazing.

Hike in Lenox 1

After a fun summer of spending weekends with our respective families, it was a nice change of pace to have a weekend getaway just the two of us.

Hike in Lenox 8

We headed up to Lenox, Massachusetts on Saturday courtesy of a wedding gift from Matt’s brother and his wife.  We had two nights there and used every minute of Saturday-Monday doing something fun and out of the norm or just relaxing.

Hike in Lenox 10

After getting settled in, we went on a hike in the area.  I’ve never been hiking before, but now I have a new favorite form of exercise.  Too bad NYC isn’t known for its trails;-)  Other than the hike, we made it to the gym on Sunday for a spin class and Monday for another workout.  It’s a good thing because the rest of our weekend pretty much revolved around indulging in the local eateries.

Hike in Lenox 14Hike in Lenox 13

One of my favorite local vendors was SoCo Creamery.  I’m pretty sure that their ice cream was made for me.  I’m not sure I should tell you how many ice creams Matt and I had between the two of us over 2 1/2 days.  If I could, I would have stayed in Lenox just so I could try their entire ever-expanding list of flavors.

SoCo Creamery 9

On this particular visit, I had an order of Espresso Cookie and Dirty Chocolate, by far my favorites.

SoCo Creamery 2

The ice creams are all rich and creamy with a real quality flavor component.  On another visit I had blueberry with strawberry cheesecake.  The blueberry looked and tasted like it was made from fresh blueberries that day.

SoCo Creamery 7

Apparently I can find SoCo at some stores in NYC, not sure if that is a good or very dangerous thing.  I’m trying to make myself forget before I get myself into trouble!

SoCo Creamery 8

The way Matt and I ate on Sunday, you would have thought we were carb loading for a marathon.  Really we were just carb loading for fun.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery 9

The day started with a visit to Berkshire Mountain Bakery.  A special thanks to Brian for his recommendation!  We tried both sweet and savory mini ciabattas to share.  The Jalapeno & Cheese was amazing- fresh and chewy with the perfect amount of heat.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery 6

And of course I loved the Dark Chocolate!  The bread wasn’t too sweet so you could really savor the rich dark chocolate chunks.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery 4Berkshire Mountain Bakery 7_1

As we continued towards the town of Great Barrington, we stopped at a local farm.

Taft Farms 3

I was so excited to see all of my favorite fall things!

Taft Farms 5

Taft Farms 7

They even still had some fresh-from-the-farm summer produce.

Taft Farms 10

Taft Farms 12

And of course baked goods.

Taft Farms 8

Matt tried their famous Tangleberry Pie (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries).

Taft Farms 13

Nothing like a piece of pie for a mid-morning snack!

Taft Farms 15

One of my favorite things about the towns we explored was the focus on local food and fresh ingredients.  Matt and I explored Berkshire Co-op Market, what I think of as a local Whole Foods.

Coop in Great Barrington 9

The massive vat of organic peanut butter was enough for me to fall in love.

Coop in Great Barrington 1

They also had a ton of options for bulk flours, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.  More than I’ve seen in any Whole Foods!

Coop in Great Barrington 3

Coop in Great Barrington 5

Since they were dispensing Kombucha in fountain form, I figured I should finally give this hyped-up drink a try.  Verdict? I liked it, but not enough to pay the normal $2.50+/bottle

Coop in Great Barrington 7

After a couple of hours of strolling and exploring the town, I was very excited to be hungry for lunch.  We ate at the infamous Baba Louie’s.  They actually use sourdough crust made by Berkshire Mountain Bakery (where we stopped for breakfast) and have a ton of creative topping combinations.

Baba Louie's pizza 2

We shared a small pizza that was one half Isabella (roasted sweet potatoes, roasted parsnips, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella and shaved fennel, drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar and parmesan) and half Pomodoro Bianco (Fresh mozzarella, roasted portabellas, roasted garlic, tomatoes, red onions, chêvre, pesto and parmesan).  The chewy crust was nice for a change but it really was all about the toppings for me.  I loved the sweet potato mix.

Baba Louie's pizza 3

While walking around the area after lunch, we stopped at the local kitchen supply store.  What do you know, they sold cupcakes!

Barrington Bites Cupcakes Lemon Cupcake 4

Barrington Bites is another local business.  One of the owners was in the store baking her cupcakes and piping them for customers to see.

Barrington Bites Cupcakes 2

If I hadn’t been stuffed, I would have ordered a Peanut Butter & Jelly or French Toast with Bacon.  Matt had a little room in his stomach, though, and chose lemon and strawberry cupcakes.

Barrington Bites Cupcakes Lemon Cupcake 2

Both were moist with a very buttery buttercream frosting.  I tasted the strawberry and couldn’t believe how wonderfully the fresh strawberry flavor came through.

Barrington Bites Cupcakes Strawberry Cupcake

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was sad to leave the area.  It seemed like there were still lots of local restaurants and foods to try.  Luckily we picked up a small stash of local candies to take home.  Ok, I actually ate the bark Sunday night, but I tried!

Lenox local candy 1

What we did end up taking home was a massive amount of apples!  More on that and some recipes to come:-)

Apple Picking 34

I really enjoyed every minute of the weekend.  My pants may be a little tight, but it was well worth it.

How do you recover from a weekend of indulgence?

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