It Was Me All Along Giveaway and Review

Posted on January 15, 2015

Giving away a copy of the amazing and inspiring book, It Was Me All Along

It-Was-Me-All-Along giveaway and review

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Even if you have never read Andie Mitchell’s blog, I can almost guarantee that you will love her book. Beyond being extremely well-written, it is captivating, inspiring and incredibly relatable. For any woman or man who has struggled with weight, eating issues, body image etc., Andie puts to paper what so many of us are afraid to say out loud. Her personal struggle with weight stems from many deeper emotional issues. Her book documents life growing up with an alcoholic father and a mother who couldn’t be around as much as she liked because she spent her hours working multiple jobs in order to take care of her family. Yes, the overlying theme of the book is a struggle with weight, but beyond that, she tells the stories of growing up, learning to cope with problems without food, becoming a success in various professional roles, and forming healthy, loving relationships with those around her. You can tell that she has an enormous heart and really, you just wish she could be your best friend, too. I related to many of her struggles around binge eating, obsessively dieting, and using food as a coping mechanism. She helped me understand that and inspired me to move forward with a healthier view on eating and on life.

I read It Was Me All Along in about three days. If I didn’t have a baby to take care of I would have read it faster! As soon as I finished, I gave my mom the book, and she loved it too. While I did receive a free copy from Andie’s publisher, I had also pre-ordered a copy well before that. While I’m tempted to keep both copies to myself, I’d rather get to share one with someone else. You all need to read this book!

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