Just a Taste of Something Sweet

Posted on September 22, 2010

My family takes holidays very seriously, and by seriously, I mean we make sure there is enough food to have a week’s worth of leftovers and one dessert for every two people.  Here is a teaser of our Yom Kippur… not to worry, there are recipes to come!

Can you spot Matt’s banana bread?

table 1table 2

My favorite blintz bake with a new twist

blintz bake done 1

My Aunt Sherry’s kugel



dessert table 1

Check out Bakerella’s Pillow Cookies

dessert table 2

The Original Baker’s famous 3-layer cake

3 layer cake 4

It really is THAT good

3 layer cake 5

Fall Trifle

top of trifle

We juggle food?

Baking team:-)

mom and me 2 mom and me 1

What does your family do for holidays?  What are some foods that you ALWAYS have for these occasions?

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