New Mom Real Talk Edition 10

Posted on June 11, 2015

New Mom Real Talk: Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

5:30am I wake up bright and early. Sometimes I can go back to sleep for a few minutes but this morning I catch up on my phone in bed for a bit.

6:00am Now I’m hungry so it’s time to go make breakfast (oat bran with egg white cooked in, lots of blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter) so I can eat and finish my coffee before L needs me. Generally he doesn’t need to get up until 7 but some days it’s earlier and I really, really prefer to get to eat first so I have that little bit of time to myself in the morning.

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

6:15am L is up! Or DJ L as we call him in the morning. I know because he’s playing with his mobile in the crib. The hanging part isn’t there anymore but the music piece is still attached to the crib and generally great for entertaining him for a while. Meanwhile I drink my coffee and spend some time on the computer. Will I ever catch up on emails, blogs and social media? Nope!

6:30am It’s quiet on the monitor. Did L go back to sleep?

6:45am Oh he’s up. There he is playing with the diapers next to his crib oh boy… Or maybe it’s the wipes? A few minutes later Matt is back from the gym and goes to get him. You know, so he doesn’t eat a wipe or anything. I follow him in a couple of minutes later because L getting his morning diaper cha nge sometimes turns into a hangry moment. Fifteen minutes for the feeding, nice and quick!

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

7:15am L is in the pack-and-play with a bunch of toys (he doesn’t always love this but it’s necessary) so I can pump. I can’t believe there was a day where I could HOLD him while I pumped. Ah that was a lifetime ago. Today he seems to be playing and laughing so that’s good!

I put the ~4 ounces in the fridge and actually transfer some milk from fridge to freezer (after supply concerns for a while it’s crazy that I’ve built up a major freezer stash). L still seems happy so I push my luck and brush my teeth.

7:30am He is done in the pack-and-play! We go play in his room on the floor.

7:45am L is already seeming tired so we read for about ten minutes until I realize it’s most definitely nap time. On napping: Most days I just take his signals for naps though they tend to fall into the same time range. Once he seems tired we read for a few minutes (this helps settle him). Then the sound machine goes on and lights are out. Typically he will cry for a minute or two when I put him down and then go to sleep, but nothing is guaranteed!

Once I confirm he’s asleep, I head to the kitchen for a snack (yes, it’s 8am and I’m already hungry again). Bottles and pumping supplies get boiled and I make some toast with jelly and cottage cheese. Seemed the most “normal” thing I could eat and write about.  Some more time on the computer while I eat. I think about what I should try to do while L is napping and window shop online instead…Should have had more coffee! The lack of sunshine this week is killing my motivation and energy levels.

8:45am To solidify my plans of a walk later I get dressed in yoga pants (a downgrade from previous running considerations). L’s still sleeping, I really should try to do something. Guess I’ll snack on strawberries because for some reason I’m still hungry. Bed gets made. More online reading. I think about a book I’m supposed to read and tell you about. Laziness ensues.

9:30am L is up and I listen to him play in his crib for a while. He took such a nice hour and a half nap and I feel slightly guilty for not doing anything super productive, but it was nice for a change to kind of chill out a bit. Twenty minutes later I go in. Happiest baby ever, I love 90-minute naps!

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

After L nurses we go to the kitchen for some “real” food. I give him blackberries and toast with yogurt spread on top. I need a snack as well, but I decide to stop telling you what I’m eating because honestly that’s making me anxious and self-conscious!

While he’s eating I also throw some blueberries and yogurt into the blender to experiment with a “frozen yogurt” treat for him. We will see if this is one of those Pinterest finds that works out. Side note, L does NOT like the sound of the Vitamix on high speed! I know he’s done eating when he starts playing with food and hitting the tray. Time for clean up!

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

L proceeds to try to climb up the wall and off of his changing table while we do this. Typical. I then try to do dishes while he plays on the floor but Mr. Trouble goes straight for whatever is close to dangerous so the dishes will wait. I supervise while he plays with toys in his room.

11:10am L is getting a bit tired and I’m stir crazy. Time to get out of the apartment for a walk!

We get back around 12:40pm and L wakes up from an almost hour-long walk (not bad!). I unpack a few groceries I stopped for on the walk and go feed him. I probably should give him real food after but I’m lazy and hide out of sight while I eat my snack. Bad mom. L plays on the floor of his room (aka sometimes plays with toys, often grabs at things like drawer knobs, tracks under the glider’s foot stool and the door. I monitor but try to let him do anything he wants that doesn’t look dangerous.

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

1:45pm and he already seems tired which is really weird. I read to L for 20 minutes and then put him down for a nap. Let’s just say this doesn’t go well so I go get him from the crib and try to figure out what to do next. He settles down and then happily plays in the Jumperoo for a bit and then it’s back to the floor.

A little after 3pm he’s definitely tired so read to L for about ten minutes and then put him down for a nap. Yeah, the sounds from the crib tell me that’s not happening. I have one of those “you have got to be kidding me I’m about to cry” moments and go get him. Sometimes Mom just wants a break, you know?

At 3:45pm I feed L and he passes out on me. It’s almost like the newborn days and I don’t hate it. I’m going to be so sad when he’s too big for snuggling! He takes an hour nap and is refreshed to make it through the rest of the day!

5pm, L’s dinner time. Some days I cook dinner for Matt and me while L is in the highchair. Tonight we have leftovers and I actually eat with L. My appetite has been crazy all day and I’m ready for dinner, I can’t help it! He gets a mish-mash of whole wheat pasta with veggies (all well cooked) and cherries (his first time having them and they are a hit!). I pitted and quartered the cherries though he still spit a ton of them out after chewing on them for a while.

Day in the life with a 7 1/2 month old

By 6pm he is done and I do another big clean up. It isn’t the biggest mess I’ve ever seen but how does so much food get under his legs? We go to play for an hour in his room and wonder when Daddy will be home. Matt is unfortunately still at work when it’s time for his 7pm bottle so I start that and stretch out the feeding so L can get a few minutes of Daddy time before going to sleep. He’s so tired by the time that happens and when Matt puts him to bed at 7:30pm he falls asleep almost immediately.

Sometimes I wish L’s bedtime was a little later for weekend flexibility, but it’s really nice to get some time with Matt once he goes to bed. Matt eats dinner while we do some crossword puzzles. I pump at 8:30pm (4 ounces) and then crash early. Maybe a little after 9pm?

I feel like so much has changed since I did a day-in-the-life post a few months ago. Well, maybe not my bedtime, but everything else. L is just so active now and I’m realizing that I’ll need to have more than just a few little toys to entertain him in the near future. Tips on occupying little people??

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