The End of a Season

Posted on October 3, 2010

Last night was the end of a very special season, wedding season.  This year was extra special since the Husband and I kicked off the season with our own wedding almost four months ago. 

The season ended on a high note at Deena and Matt’s wedding.  They are great people and both looked so happy throughout the whole evening.  I am really glad that we were a part of the celebration.  Here are some pictures to sum it up.

The husband and I pre-ceremony


Gorgeous bride and groom

matt and deena

The Husband and some of the guys

matt and friends 

Beautiful wedding cake


Love this picture because it shows off the purple lighting they used in the room



And of course there were desserts:-)

Dessert started with this vanilla cake with ice cream


But then they opened up this


Chocolate fountain


Coffee and drinks to complement dessert


Fancy selection!


P1010520a P1010520

And then of course wedding cake


I was so proud of myself because I had tastes of all of the desserts I wanted to try, but didn’t get too full like last time!  This was a big feat for me.  I also limited myself to two drinks which really was plenty.

There were actually warm cookies and soft pretzels on our way out but I passed on them because I really didn’t need anymore food.

So the wedding was a blast – we ate good food, were surrounded by great friends and did a lot of dancing.  Being the walking accident that I am, I managed to wipe-out on the dance floor during the last ten minutes (I guess I really wanted to end the season with a bang!).  We were dancing to Bon Jovi, jumping up and down, fist pumping, when I landed on the side of my heel and it went sideways bringing my entire body onto the floor.  I managed to slam my left knee onto the floor but luckily only suffered a bump and bad bruise.  That was embarrassing!  Although it wasn’t my fault that I slipped where someone had spilled a drink, I didn’t want people to think I was “that drunk girl” falling on the dance floor.  Good thing my friends know that isn’t my style!

Do you have any good embarrassing stories to share?

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