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Posted on September 18, 2011

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Yesterday was my first blog-related conference experience!  WifeStyle turned out to be a wonderful way to meet women of all ages interested in anything from cooking to fashion to party planning.  It was also inspiring to meet so many entrepreneurial women. Businesses like MeebleMail (for prettying up your email) and The Monogrammed Martini were represented by the women who started them.  I was also thrilled to get some time to hang out with a blog friend turned real life friend, Kris.  Yes, she is just as nice and adorable as she appears on her blog.

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The event was planned and hosted by Coryanne of Housewife Bliss and Mindy of The Gracious Girl.  Both women were focused on making the women feel comfortable and welcome and making sure everyone had a good time.  We also got some great etiquette pointers from Mindy.  I actually am pretty well-versed in the proper dining etiquette, but did learn a couple of new things.  Did you know that when you eat bread, you should only break off a bite-sized piece at a time?  Then, when buttering your bread, you should only butter that little piece.  Who knew?

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Before lunch, we got some great cooking tips from Chef Tageré.  I was lucky enough to experience the chef’s delicious cooking two days in a row, so I welcomed any kitchen tips that she had.

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And then lunch… the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

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wifestyle conference 35

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wifestyle conference 42

Oh, and did I mention there was plenty to drink? These ladies know how to throw a party!  I have to admit I didn’t try these, but they smelled amazing! I bet the chocolate varieties would make a great drink!

wifestyle conference 17

wifestyle conference 23

Thanks to Van Gogh I even got to take home a cute little sample bottle of blueberry.wifestyle conference 25

Speaking of alcohol, the Cocktail Deeva gave us some great tips on stocking the bar and preparing drinks for a party.  These roasted plums soaked in vodka are such a great idea for the base of a martini!

wifestyle conference 63

wifestyle conference 65

wifestyle conference 66

I’ve actually been eying these glass dharma straws for a while, I was really excited to get one in my swag!

wifestyle conference 22

Beyond the eating and drinking, we also learned how to put together a gorgeous flower arrangement

wifestyle conference 46

wifestyle conference 50

wifestyle conference 48

…and creatively decorate a table.

wifestyle conference 54

Can you believe that is a shower curtain being used as a table cloth?!

wifestyle conference 53

Finally, I got to meet Lisa from With Style & Grace.

wifestyle conference 57

She did a cooking demo and talked about eating and entertaining gluten-free.

wifestyle conference 60

All in all a great experience and fun day!  Can’t wait to go again next year.s

Have you found any new ways to meet people with common interests lately?

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