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Posted on September 11, 2015

An interview with Kristen Tomlan of Cookie DO NYC!

Cookie DO NYC cookie dough

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Kristen, the smart, creative and very sweet owner of . I was so impressed with her, the company, and the sample she brought me (cake batter!), that I asked if she would send me some additional samples to photograph and feature on the blog. Even better, I asked her a few questions to give you all a little inside look at running a food business. I always like talking to other entrepreneurs in the food world so this was a wonderful experience for me!

Cookie DO NYC holiday cookie dough

Holiday Cookie DŌ Flavors


KISD: What made you want to leave your career for the food world?

DŌ: I’ve always had a passion for baking, and my background is in design, marketing and branding, so it really was the perfect mix of everything I love! I love sharing sweets and food with everyone I can, so starting my own business in the food world has been a dream come true!

Cookie DO NYC cookie dough packaging

Seriously adorable packaging


KISD: What’s the most rewarding part of having your own business?

DŌ: The most rewarding part is getting to hear the excitement, happiness and compliments from the customers. I’m so grateful that our product and brand has been so well received. It’s fun to share my passion with others!

Cookie DO NYC chocolate chip cookie dough

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie DŌ


KISD: What’s the downside to owning your own business?

DŌ: The stress and the never ending amount of work! It’s actually no longer work. It’s my life, so there is no “turning off” or “taking time off” or “waiting until Monday”. But the rewards far outweigh the downsides.

Cookie DO NYC cookie dough

Confetti Cookie DŌ


KISD: Are there any entrepreneurs or other companies that you look to for inspiration?

DŌ: Yes! I’ve looked at entrepreneurs like Bethany Frankel and Melissa Ben-Ishay and brands such as Poppin’, The Skimm, Dry Bar and SoulCycle to name a few! There are so many success stories and cool stuff happening – inspiration is everywhere!

Cookie DO NYC nuts over nuts cookie dough

Nuts Over Nuts Cookie DŌ


KISD: How do you decide which flavors to offer and how do you come up with new ideas?

DŌ: I wanted to have a little bit of everything – the classics like our Signature Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie, as well as some more trendy flavors like Cake Batter and Salty & Sweet. And then I took cues from what other people liked to help figure out our regular flavors. As for our seasonals, we think about what would be relevant – and delicious – for the time of year!

Cookie DO NYC cookie dough

Holiday Cake Batter Cookie DŌ


KISD: How do you keep yourself from eating all of your products? (I got asked this all the time!) And on that note, what’s your favorite flavor?

DŌ: I do eat the product all the time – that’s the problem! We’re constantly tasting each batch and devouring the extras! It’s the best part of the job :) And my favorite flavor is Heavenly – I LOVE Nutella!

Cookie DO NYC hot cocoa cookie dough

Hot Cocoa Cookie DŌ


KISD: Do you ever get bored with cookie dough?

DŌ: Not really! There are so many options, ways to change it, and ways to serve it! I have fun trying to find the perfect solution for an event or customer with special needs! I like having fun with it!

Cookie DO NYC peppermint bark cookie dough

Peppermint Bark Cookie DŌ

Kristen Tomlan is a designer and dessert-lover turned pastry chef and entrepreneur when she founded her one-of-a-kind confectionary specializing in the most DŌlicious sweet treat of all: cookie dough. After working in corporate branding for 5 years, Kristen, a Midwest native, left her job and founded DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections in early 2015. DŌ allows you to eat cookie dough exactly how you crave it, with safe-to-eat cookie dough creations that are edible, bakeable and customizable. Based in Manhattan, the concept quickly gained followers, fans and cookie dough lovers-alike, being called the “next big thing in desserts” by Glamour Magazine, and being featured in Business Insider, Refinery 29, Gothamist and more. DŌ is available online and offers shipping to 48 states. Connect: @cookieDOnyc | Chat: | Order:

Cookie DO NYC cookie dough

Cookie DŌ for daysssss

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