New Mom Real Talk Edition 5

Posted on February 5, 2015

New Mom Real Talk: Mom and Baby Must-Haves (through 16-weeks post-partum)

Before L was born, I consulted so many online lists and asked friends what we would need for a newborn. Many of them were helpful but it took just getting through daily life with L to really know what we needed. These aren’t comprehensive lists of everything you need (obvious things like diapers and wipes are left off), just some key items that really help us out on a regular basis.

New Mom and Baby Must-Haves... especially for the swaddle escapist!

Baby Must-Haves

  • Swaddle Me Velcro Swaddles L was a swaddle escapist from the start and his startle reflex still can be a sleeping deal-breaker. Once we insured that he was in an escape-proof swaddle, his full-night sleep was MUCH more regular. I’m kind of terrified of the day we have to stop swaddling.
  • The Mamaroo- I really didn’t want to like this because it seemed so expensive for something L could only use for a few months… and in fact he didn’t like it in the beginning. However, once he was a few weeks old it was great for naps (and still is). We were also lucky because we got to borrow one from Matt’s brother.
  • LoviesI don’t know what it is, but L has started to LOVE lovies! He cuddles up with them for Mamaroo naps and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • Overnight Diapers– Okay, I lied about not listing diapers. This may seem obvious to some of you, but I really thought that these were just a way to get you to spend extra money. However, the overnights keep L from soaking his clothes / are just as important as the swaddle when it comes to him sleeping through the night! We use Pampers (and Pampers Swaddlers during the day).

New Mom Real Talk: Mom and Baby Must-Haves

  • The Snot Sucker I didn’t know about this until L got his cold and my best friend promised that it would work SO much better than the regular bulb. She was right! Plus, he doesn’t seem to mind when we use it.
  • Video Baby MonitorIt makes it so much easier not to worry about every little baby noise (especially in the beginning) when you can look at the video monitor. Plus, this one has a wifi system so if Matt or I are out we can take a peak at L in the crib. Oh yeah, and you can talk through the monitor! Not sure if that will end up being useful or not but it seems cool.

New Mom Must-Haves

New Mom Real Talk: Mom and Baby Must-Haves

  • Water Bottles I don’t even bother drinking from a glass when I’m home. Nursing makes me super thirsty and I pretty much guzzle water all day like it’s my job.
  • Lactation Cookies– I have no idea if these work, but they taste good! They freeze really well and I’m making my way through my second batch now. 
  • Nursing tanks– I should have bought more than two of these because I’d live in them. As it is, I sleep in one every night.
  • Comfy clothesOne of my best friends bought me cute sweats for my birthday this year knowing that they’d be great for post-baby. She was so right! I pretty much lived in them for the first month after L was born because they were cute, fit over my still bloated belly and didn’t irritate my incision.
  • Baby K’tanIt took me a couple tries to get it right originally, but then it was so easy to use. No tying, looping or anything complicated. In the beginning L would always fall asleep in the K’tan right away. Now he likes to look around and see everything but it’s so convenient to wear him for some errands (or even around the apartment). We also have an Ergo that Matt uses.
  • And just in case it wasn’t obvious… wine, chocolate and ice cream. 

new mom must-have - the baby ktan!

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Comments (10)
  • Joanne says:

    Such a great list! I feel like everyone tells you to buy a gazillion things when you’re having a baby, but you really don’t need THAT much.

  • the overnight diapers are a game changer for sure!

  • Rachel says:

    omg that picture of L with his lovey! how sweet!!
    it’s amazing what you realize you need and don’t need. we had the mamaroo also and P hated it. But, she also hated everything during those first few months :) love the aden + anais, we have the same set (the turtle one is my fave!) and P still uses them!

  • Zainab says:

    What a great list. You never know what you actually need until it’s happening. Thanks for the list. I’m saving it!

  • I like that you have a section for you too. That is what I want to know. Things are getting real for me right now at 36 weeks.

  • This is CRAZY helpful! Pinning for future reference :D

  • This is SO helpful! I feel completely overwhelmed with all of the things the internet says you need, but this is a great and concise list. Thanks so much :)

  • So funny, I have a draft of this exact same post in my wordpress folder right now ;)…but wouldn’t you know I have a baby that’s been keeping me too occupied to finish it. It’s SO helpful to hear from moms about what to get when you’re expecting your first. It’s just so OVERWHELMING how much baby stuff is out there! And when you don’t have a clue, lists like this are awesome.
    Haha, I know what you mean about being terrified to stop swaddling. So far the Zipadeezip is better than nothing, but it’s def not as good as a swaddle. I think he’s starting to accept it though and in fact he hates having his arms restricted esp when he’s on his belly. If I were you, I’d order one now because there were 3 weeks of anxiously waiting after I ordered it because Berkeley had already decided he was going to roll over every night. I alternated trying to take an arm out (which never really worked) and just swaddling him and staring at the monitor all night long while he slept on his stomach. I actually sewed myself a second zipadeezip with the measurements from the one I had because I realized how crucial it was and was wondering what i’d do if/when he peed or puked on it.
    Oh my gosh, how cute is L with his Lovey!!! I have to admit that I’ve been trying to force Berkeley to decide he likes a blankie. He just tries to eat it right now though, instead of snuggle with it.
    We JUST tried to use those Pampers Baby Dry the last two nights since he’s not getting up to eat now (when I’d normally change him) but they seem way smaller than the same size Pampers Swaddlers. Did you find that? Needless to say he peed through them both nights :( I’m trying the next size up tonight even though he’s still fine in the smaller Swaddlers during the day.
    Hehehe, I lived in my nursing tanks too! I have like 5 of them and I just used one for day and one for night and just changed before bed and in the morning.
    Ok, now that my comment is as long as your post, I’ll be going now… Can’t wait for your next post!

    • You know, I didn’t realize until I read your comment but you are totally right about the diaper sizing! I feel like he is practically in size 4 overnights now and just starting size 3 swaddlers.

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