Brownies for a Guest

Posted on March 10, 2011

brownie 11

One of my best friends is coming to town.

Kristen and I have been friends since we were in 2nd grade.  No, that is a lie.  We have known each other since then but actually weren’t really friends until 6th grade.  I don’t really remember why it took so long, but we have been best friends ever since.  She was even a bridesmaid in my wedding.

When given the choice, Kristen requested a dessert with dark chocolate and fruit or dark chocolate and peanut butter.  Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I posted a dessert with chocolate and peanut butter so I figure that it was about time to make another one.  I don’t want my readers going through withdrawal or anything.

These Fat Witch Brownies with Peanut Butter Chips are from Lora’s wonderful blog, Cake Duchess. I saw the brownies the other day and couldn’t resist making them.  Besides, brownies are terrifically easy for weeknight baking.  The brownies came out incredibly fudgey and moist with the added texture of peanut butter chips.  Some people might say they are so rich you can only eat a small piece (I am not one of them).brownie 14

I followed Lora’s recipe with very few changes.  I whisked everything together rather than using a mixer and doubled the portion of peanut butter chips.  Check her blog for the specifics and to send her some hugs (she just shared the news of a health scare).  We are thinking about Lora and her family and wish her the best.

Start by melting butter and chocolate together in a saucepan over low heat; set aside

chocolate and butter chocolate and butter melted

In a large bowl, whisk together eggs


Then whisk in sugar and vanilla

eggs sugar vanilla whisked eggs sugar vanilla

Whisk in chocolate and butter mixture

chocolate and butter added

Whisk flour and salt

add flour flour mixed in

When dry ingredients are completely incorporated, fold in peanut butter chipsadd peanut butter chips

batter in pan

Pour batter into pan and bake for about a half hour or until a knife or toothpick comes out clean

brownie baked

Top brownie with powdered sugar and serve

brownie 6

What do you bake when you are short on time?

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