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Posted on April 3, 2011

Hot Blondies Bakery: A+

Classic Brunette: “That brownie could bring world peace”

I am very excited about this!

Hot Blondies 13

Maybe it is because I got to eat a variety of delicious brownies and blondies that were delivered to my apartment.

Hot Blondies 1

And maybe it’s because the baked goods came after being tortured in a bathing suit during Puerto Rico withdrawal.

Hot Blondies 3

Or maybe it’s because nothing makes you feel better on a cold day of rain and snow in April than a box full of chocolate desserts.

Hot Blondies 4

I think it is all of the above.  But now for the part that will make you excited! One reader will get the chance to win their own box of fresh-baked deliciousness.

Hot Blondies 5

When Lorin at Hot Blondies Bakery contacted me, I was happy to accept a sample to review.  I was anxious that the baked goods wouldn’t be as tasty as they claim  since I am often let down by dry blondies or too-sweet brownies.  Fortunately, this was not the case.

From the website:

“How many blondies does it take to start a totally awesome online bakery? Thanks to fabulous colorists and boring desk jobs, only two super hot ones.

When we first met, it was girl crush at first site. We quickly realized we were way too foxy for any lackluster office job. We needed to share our impeccable taste, superb sense of style and sensational creative skills with the world. We needed to spread the hotness.

So, our mutually stunning golden locks combined with Laura’s mad marketing skills and Lorin’s blondie baking prowess, led us to bring you Hot Blondies Bakery.”

I received a box of regular-sized blondies and brunettes (brownies) as well as this box of adorable “babes.”  They are the perfect size for tasting if you want to eat a variety.  At least that is how I justified eating half a box several of them as I sampled these babes “for the blog.”

Hot Blondies 8

Matt and I both tasted each flavor.  He even tried the peanut butter blondie!  I have to admit, although I enjoyed almost every kind, the classics were my favorite of each.

The Classic Blondie was soft, chewy and moist.  It tasted like the perfect chocolate chip cookie in bar form.  I enjoyed the other flavors also, just not quite as much.

Oatmeal Raisin had a really nice cinnamon flavor.  It wasn’t dry at all but wasn’t as soft and moist as the Classic.  I think the oats gave it a nice crisp edge.

Obviously I enjoyed the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk.  The peanut butter flavor was just right- nice and flavorful but not too strong.  There were a few peanut pieces in there and chocolate chunks (though, I would have liked a few more of those).

Butterscotch White Chocolate Chip was Matt’s second favorite blondie.  The texture was perfect like the classic but I am bias against butterscotch and white chocolate.  However, if you like those flavors you would love this.

Hot Blondies 12

When we moved onto the Brunettes, Matt had to get up for a glass of milk (in a good way).

Oh my, the Classic Brunette was unbelievable.  It was fudgey but light, almost like a souffle, with a wonderful rich chocolate flavor.  It blew every other blondie and brownie out of the water with its deliciousness.  That brownie could bring world peace.

The S’mores Brownie was good, but after tasting the Classic, it was hard to eat anything else.  I did enjoy the texture from the graham cracker crust and the bit of saltiness that came with it, but as Matt put it, “once you have the Classic, why would you eat anything else?”

I have a confession.  I don’t love Nutella.  I don’t not like it, I just wouldn’t cheat on peanut butter with it.  However, for the Nutella addicts out there, you would love the Nutella Hazelnut Brunette.  It has a strong Nutella flavor with a nice crunch from the hazelnuts.  And hey, if this flavor means others will swoon over it and more Classics for me, I won’t complain.

The last brownie we tasted was the Espresso White Chocolate Chip.  Maybe it’s because we were 7 flavors in (who am I kidding, I have no limit), but this was my least favorite of the bunch.  While it had a nice texture like a corner piece, the flavor wasn’t distinct enough for me.  I actually only knew it was espresso by process of elimination.

Hot Blondies 9

After enjoying our samples, I am so happy I get to share the baked good love.  See below for giveaway details.

Not only did the girls from Hot Blondies offer a sample to giveaway on the blog, but they also sent me some great baking tips to share.  I want to be friends with these girls.

Hot Blondies Bakery Blondie and Brownie Fun Tips

Think outside the pan. We often hear the saying “Baking is a science, cooking is an art.” But without a multitude of scientific errors, many important discoveries would have never been made. Therefore, Rule #1 at Hot Blondies Bakery is to never be chained down by a recipe. We like to play with ingredient amounts and switch out add ins to try new flavors. It takes time, patience, trial and error, but you can come up with some really fabulous results.

We are the first to admit, blondies and brownie making is a simple (yet delicious) form of baking. Which is why it can be the most fun. A good blondie recipe can be the basis for a whole variety of tasty and unique bars and desserts. Here are some tips, from the Hot Blondies, on how to take your blondie and brownie baking to the next level.

Hot Blondies 10

Fruity fun. Swap out the chocolate chips in your fave blondie recipe with some dried fruit and some fun flavoring. Try orange zest and dried cranberries or almond extract and dried figs. Top a warm blondie with vanilla ice cream and sauteed bananas for a yummy dessert.

I Want Candy. Get inspired by your favorite candy choices. Love Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups? Chop some up and sprinkle them on top of your unbaked brownies. Or stick a mini cup on each one when they are still warm from the oven. Love Almond Joy? Throw some sweetened shredded coconut and chopped almonds into your batter.

Kid Around. Reminisce about what kinds of flavor combos you loved as a kid and use them as your baking muse. Add some peanut butter into the blondie mix and top with strawberry jelly and chopped peanuts for a PB&J twist. Spread marshmallow fluff onto cooled brownies and sprinkle with Graham crackers to evoke a campfire feel. (Or try our S’mores Brunettes!)

Go Ethnic. Think about what kinds of global cuisines excite your palate and spice up your bars with those seasonings. Add a touch of cayenne and cinnamon to your brownies for a Mexican feel. Try matcha powder or ginger chews for an Asian flare. Jasmine or lavender add a subtle exotic vibe.

Get Festive. Decorating tricks are not just for kids. Holidays and birthdays are the perfect excuse to get your sprinkle on. We love any excuse for food coloring in blondies. Red, white and blue for July 4th. Yellow and pink for Easter. Green for St. Patty’s. The options are endless.

Sundae Fun Day. Ice cream toppings make great blondie and brownie additions. Try spreading some wet nuts on top or mix them in pre-baking. Magic Shell makes a tasty and travel friendly topping. Caramel and butterscotch sauce make a great quick and easy swirl in. Chopped maraschino cherries with some cherry liqueur create a decadent grown up brownie.

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