Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 1

Posted on May 4, 2013

So while I don’t usually have multiple recipes to share each week, I do miss blogging more often like I did before I launched Keep It Sweet Desserts.  I thought it might be fun to add a weekly post where I give a little snapshot of what is going on over here and share some fun links and recipes I have found on other sites.

On life: Things around here are busy!  Orders have been coming in more heavily than I expected for this time of year so that is definitely a good thing.  I’ve been balancing my increased kitchen time with trying to be more social now that the weather makes me want to have a life again.  I got to see my friend Samara twice in one week which was pretty much a miracle for me… with a special thank you to her friend who asked if I was pregnant.  I realize that the question was a result of the Diet Coke I was drinking but whew, that was a self-esteem booster.  Sidenote: the answer is NO.

Other things happening around here- I’m considering teaching a baking class, if only I could decide what I’d like to talk about first!  I’ll keep you updated in case anyone in the NY/NJ area is interested in coming!

Beyond that, I’m going to make an effort this time around to get some more hands on board for the fall/winter.  I think that means I need to start looking for interns or assistant bakers now.  Know of anyone who wants some baking or entrepreneurial experience?  Send them my way!

Finally, a snapshot of what is happening this week:

Most popular product:  Brownies and Blondies Pack

Black and White Blondies from Keep It Sweet Desserts

Current seasonal specials: Strawberries and Cream Cookies for Mother’s Day and  the Gourmet Graduation Gift Basket

Strawberries & Cream Cookies from Keep It Sweet Desserts

Most popular recipe: Margarita Cookie Bars

Recipe for Margarita Cookie Bars

Open Keep It Sweet Desserts giveaway:  1 dozen KISD Items of your choice on Flavia’s Flavors

Favorite new website find:  Cookie Hound

Three Favorite things I pinned all week:  Cake Batter Whipped Cream from Beyond Frosting, Sun Dried Tomato Marinara + Pine Nut Ricotta from Young Married Chic, and Peanut Butter Nutty Bar Ice Cream from Chocolate, Chocolate and More

Let me know what you think of this new weekly post!  Anything else you want to hear about?

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