24 Hours

Posted on May 24, 2011

rachel and lauren 1

The other day I had 24 hours with my best friend/college roommate, Rachel

We brunched, we window-shopped, we walked, we pedicured… it was fabulous

And since she was in town from Florida we made a couple of very important stops…. Pinkberry

pinkberry 3

…and forty carats

40 carats 1

Best friends don’t let best friends go without fro yo.

And then after a day of running around the city and catching up on months of conversation (I hadn’t seen her since my wedding!) we changed our out-on-the-town evening plans and crashed the husband’s dinner

Littletown 2

We went to this restaurant near my apartment

Littletown 4

Beer sampler anyone?

Littletown 5

Of course the rest of the night was spent catching up some more on life like only best friends do

We were so happy to be reunited, I almost didn’t let her leave!

rachel and lauren 2

What would you do if you had a best friend visit for 24 hours?

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