Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 5/23/15

Posted on May 23, 2015

Florida already feels like it was forever ago, but despite some mild post-vacation blues, this week turned out to be a good one. I kept busy with L… or I should say, he kept me busy! We went to Florida with a 6+ month old baby and returned with a completely different 7 month old. Over the course of that week away he got two teeth (going on 6 I think!), went into full out crawling (why are wires, door hinges and toilet plungers so interesting?), and started “talking” a whole lot more. Babies change so much so fast but this felt like the biggest week of development since he was born. I think I’m overdue for a new day-in-the-life post.

Other than that I made a super awesome and outrageous dessert (recipe coming soon!) and met up with Erin for the first time. Such a warm, nice, smart and all around wonderful person!

We are spending this weekend this weekend at my parents’ house. There will be lots of pool time for my little swim lover and some good grandparent and aunt and uncle time, too. What are you doing to enjoy the long weekend?

Now for this week’s updates

Most popular recipe/blog post: No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Super Creamy Cookie Butter Ice Cream - NO ice cream maker needed!  So easy and so delicious!

Three favorite things I pinned all week:

Honey Bee Cupcakes with White Chocolate Honey Ganache from We Are Not Martha

Drumstick Cake from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Chocolate Malt Smoothie from Well Plated

I hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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