Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks+

Posted on October 2, 2014

Counting down to baby! Less than two weeks until my due date!!

 5 to 37 weeks pregnant, a full-term update

Not sure if I look any different from the 32 weeks picture (when I was coincidentally wearing the same outfit) even though I definitely FEEL heavier and bigger.

So I’m officially at full term and less than two weeks are left until my due date! We went to my 38-week appointment on Tuesday and confirmed that the baby is still head down (YAY!) so that was great news. The chance of him flipping at this point is pretty low so I’m a lot less worried about that now.

For most of the pregnancy I had a feeling I’d deliver early (or maybe was just hoping?), but now I’m thinking otherwise. I’m not showing any signs of labor (not dialated, etc.) and haven’t even had braxton hicks contractions for a few weeks. My doctor said that if I go full-term, we would talk induction between 41 and 42 weeks. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t go that far but I guess it is safe to say we will be meeting this baby in less than four weeks…hmm, that kind of feels far.

How far along: 38 weeks as of Tuesday

Total weight gain: 33.5 pounds

Maternity clothes:  Is that really a question? I’ve started staring longingly at the regular clothes hanging in my closet.

Stretch marks:  Luckily still a no, thanks genetics.

Sleep:  I’ve been sleeping pretty okay (knock on wood!), though my bathroom trips are definitely preparing me for the newborn nighttime feedings. If I sleep much more than two hours at a time it’s a miracle and then I’ll wake up with serious bladder pain. This pillow was for sure my favorite maternity investment! 

Best moment of this week: I’ve really been enjoying my prenatal yoga classes. Previously I had been doing this video and this one, but I signed up for an unlimited month at a nearby yoga studio so I’ve been taking advantage of that for the last few weeks. The instructors are really knowledgeable and it’s nice being around other women going through a similar experience. 

Miss anything:  I miss not worrying about every little ingredient that I consume. My eating habits have generally improved from before being pregnant and I’m definitely going to stick with some of them going forward (more intuitive eating, being selective about which processed foods…), but it will be nice when I don’t have to ask if a cheese is pasteurized and I can eat some medium-rare salmon. A glass of wine will be VERY nice too.

Movement: I’ve heard that the baby’s kicks slow down towards the end of pregnancy but that doesn’t seem to be happening here. The other night Matt put his cheek down against my belly and enjoyed getting continuously kicked in the face. This kid has some impressive strength and energy. 

Food cravings:  Maybe chocolate and ice cream? Not sure those qualify as cravings at this point. Comfort food and carbs are becoming very appealing with the weather changes.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not at all since my minimal issues in the first trimester. The heartburn also hasn’t been bad for a while.

Have you started to show yet:  I don’t think this question is relevant anymore. I really ought to wear a sign with my due date on it.

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs:  Nada.

Belly button in or out:  Maybe it’s half out now?

Wedding rings on or off:  On.

Happy or moody most of the time:  My moods have been pretty good lately. I feel like when the baby comes I”m in for a hormonal craze to make up for that, though.

Looking forward to:  Meeting the baby! I can’t wait to see what he looks like and just get to have him in real life. I’m also ready not to be pregnant anymore.

Fun Facts:  Hmm, Matt took a video of me bouncing on a ball the other night and let’s just say I deleted it from my phone as soon as he sent it to me (um, NOT flattering).

Latest Symptoms:  The physical exhaustion is the biggest symptom at this point. Also, my pelvic muscles and legs get tired from holding up my big belly!

Current Baby Prep: We have the few necessary items to get started (crib, car seat, stroller, minimal clothes, diapers…) and everything else is on my registries. I’ve also made the following items and stuck them in the freezer:

I’m still thinking about making a lean meat sauce, oatmeal cups and maybe another freezable snack. Notice the veggie-heavy healthy theme? Any other foods you would suggest? Not that there is much room left in the freezer at this point…!

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