Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 3/7/15

Posted on March 7, 2015

The last ten days have been a complete and crazy whirlwind. Last Wednesday we rushed to Philly when I found out my mom was having an emergency surgery (thank g-d she paid attention to pain she was having and is now recovering well). Then we came back Thursday night to pack and get ready for the quick (seriously, too short) trip to visit my friends in Florida. Sunday night I was supposed to go straight to my parents’ house from the airport, but thanks to landing in a snowstorm (because that’s what I was looking forward to after flying solo with L), I came straight home instead. Luckily the weather cooperated enough that I could drive to Philly the next morning and then spend a couple of days there. I tried to help take care of my mom but I think time playing with L was the real medicine. Then Wednesday night it was back home. Phew…

A couple of days back in routine and I think I now know which way is up. I even made some pretty darn ice good ice cream to share with you next week. And yes, I did make the ice cream on a day when it was snowing and freezing out, but when is it not?

Now for this week’s updates

Most popular recipe/blog post: No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream (yes, AGAIN)

No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream - the most popular recipe of the week!

Three favorite things I pinned all week:

Hot Blueberry Cake from Willow Bird Baking

Flourless Lemon Cake with Rhubarb Compote from Top with Cinnamon

Waffled Cheesecake from Sprinkle Bakes

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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