Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks+

Posted on October 16, 2014

Past my due date and ready to meet this baby boy!

5 to 39 weeks 2

Well, I made it to and past my due date. As you can see, it’s been quite a transformation of my body over the last nine months. I now think it’s hilarious that I was feeling “fat” around the time that I got pregnant. Ah what a difference some perspective makes.

37 to 39 weeks 2

The 39 week photo was taken on Sunday, just two days before I officially hit 40 weeks. Maybe I’ll get an “official’’ 40-week shot this weekend (more on timing below)…

Before I skip ahead to all of the updates, I thought I’d link to some of my bigger pregnancy posts here for those of you who are going through it now. Hopefully some of my posts will be helpful to you!

Links to previous pregnancy posts:

Like I said above, Tuesday was my due date. It ended up being a somewhat eventful day, actually (ironic since up until my appointment that afternoon I was going insane with boredom and overall wanting to just be done). Anyway, when I saw my doctor late that day, most things looked good. The baby’s heartbeat was still going strong, his head was still down, and I was measuring on track. Oh yeah, and no dilatation to be seen. Nada. However, during my ultrasound, she noticed that my fluid levels were a little low. Very long story short, I headed straight to the hospital for a few hours of IVs and some monitoring. It actually wasn’t that bad; my doctor assured us that this was really nothing to worry about at the moment, and Matt and I were overall pretty calm and cool about it. The rehydration seemed to go smoothly and my fluid levels were back on track by the time we finished. Oh yes, and the baby kicks were back to crazy during that time too (maybe they were slightly more mild that afternoon?). So other than the two of us being starrrrrrrving by the time that all ended (don’t make a pregnant woman skip dinner), it was all really okay. And thanks to a couple giant slices of late-night pizza, I didn’t hurt anyone.

For now, I’m supposed to just keep counting kicks and I’m actually going back in this afternoon to check the fluid levels again and get an updated baby measurement. Hopefully everything will still look good, but if my levels are low again, there is a chance they will need to induce me. As long as the baby as healthy I’m completely fine with that. And really at this point I’m dying to meet him and kiss his little face. If everything looks good and I’m still pregnant, then we will schedule an induction for the end of next week. We are certainly getting there! Okay, now for all the regular details…

How far along: 40 weeks as of Tuesday

Total weight gain: 35 pounds

Maternity clothes:  Only. Well, I did hunt down a big t-shirt of Matt’s to wear when i was dying to wear something that just wasn’t skin tight.

Stretch marks:  Luckily still a no, thanks genetics.

Sleep:  Everyone says to get as much sleep as you can before the baby comes. That’s great advice I guess, but my insanely frequent trips to the bathroom make that just a little bit challenging. I’ve also had a harder time falling back asleep lately. That, combined with a nasty cold over the last few days, has me missing regular old non-pregnancy sleep. What sleep I do get is completely due to blasting the air conditioning and this pillow.

Best moment of this week: Our good friends came over with dinner Saturday night. Oh yes, and crumb cake. What a treat!

Miss anything:  I miss feeling normal (body-wise). Anything physical these days can be challenging and I’d love to be able to just get up from the bed without a baby foot stuck in-between my ribs.

Movement: Baby kicks are still mostly crazy but I’m keeping an eye on things to make sure there aren’t any slow downs as a sign of low fluid again.

Food cravings:  No specific cravings lately but in the last week my appetite has gone crazy. I’ve been so, so hungry! Oh yeah, and I pretty much decided that I can eat whatever I want. So if I’m hungry, and I want ice cream, that’s what I get. Take that, 40 weeks;-)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.

Have you started to show yet:  Ha! Everyone I see just wants to know when I’m due and what I’m having. I think that my waddle attracts even more attention than the belly itself.

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs:  Almost two weeks ago I did start to feel occasional cramps (more like period cramps than anything else). I also had ONE contraction while I was on IV the other night. It was actually really weird and out of the blue. For about two and a half minutes it was like someone was trying to squeeze all of the air out of my body.

Belly button in or out:  Kind of out.

Wedding rings on or off:  On.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Hormonally I’m still pretty fine but I’ve definitely started to lose my sanity a little bit. I’m just ready to have this baby.

Looking forward to:  I’m dying to meet/see/hold/kiss/snuggle this baby. I also am excited to share his name with everyone. I can’t believe Matt and I were able to keep it to ourselves this entire time.

Fun Facts: If you are nice to the nurses at the hospital they will be nice to you! 

Latest Symptoms:  I’m just big, pregnant and crampy.

Any last minute advice for my big pregnant self? Got some fun tips on what to eat over on my Facebook page.

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