Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 3/14/15

Posted on March 14, 2015

There are some weeks that really feel like an eternity. Not in that, “oh man when will it be Friday?” way, but in that, “how was Monday only four days ago?” way. Sometimes big things happen (good and bad) that make one day feel like a big storm. This week, that’s what we got.

Monday was a big scary storm of information that you wanted to pretend you never heard. And Tuesday, well, Tuesday was like another world. The clouds began to clear and you could see rays of sun peeking through. I just had to hope that the sun would come in full force and clear the mess that had been made.

It’s ironic that this all took place the same week that Spring really did seem to be pushing it’s way through. After snowstorm after snowstorm, we’ve finally been granted glimmers of hope (60 degrees one day, what?!) and there is light in sight. We cross our fingers and might even pray that it’s really coming and staying, try to convince ourselves that it’s not just a mirage. Should we trust it?

I think yes, because, really, what other way is there? You have to hope and believe that the good things you see down the line are the only things. There is no other way to live.

And really, when things get heavy and tough, that’s why I keep blogging the light stuff, like ice cream and cookies and babies. Because you have to hold onto that.

Now for this week’s updates

Most popular recipe/blog post: No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream (yes, AGAIN)

No Churn Cookie Butter Ice Cream - the most popular recipe of the week!

Three favorite things I pinned all week:

One Bowl Guinness Chocolate Cake from Baking Bites

Three-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cake from Cakespy

Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Bread from Always Order Dessert

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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