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Salted Brown Butter M&M Cookies

I have so much I want to say and tell you about what is going on here at Keep It Sweet Desserts, but my thoughts are coming through in a pretty chaotic stream of consciousness so I’ll hold off until things calm down a bit! For now, though, I can say, I am SO happy […]

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Sweet and Salty Candy Bar Blondies

When I asked my Father-in-Law what he wanted for his birthday dessert, his only request was chocolate covered pretzels.  Sweet and salty, who doesn’t love those? But come on, it is a birthday dessert!  And since chocolate covered pretzels are what I make as an afterthought when I have extra melted chocolate, I just had […]

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Magic Cake Bars for Easter

For the record, Matt wanted me to take a picture of my hand over the cake and pretend it was the hand of our little niece or nephew helping in the kitchen. 1) We don’t have any nieces or nephews 2) No one wants to see my hands after twelve hour days in the kitchen […]

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M&M Cookie Dough Cups

Some things are too delicious not to share. These M&M Cookie Dough Cups had the potential to be perfectly done and pretty, but my impatience got the best of me and most of the cups ended up jagged and a little funny looking.  Luckily they tasted so good I forgot how funky looking they were […]

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