30 Fun After-School Snacks For Kids

Posted on September 7, 2015

30 fun after-school snacks for kids including low fat, whole grain and gluten-free options!

After School Snacks for Kids

When I was growing up, my mom always had the best snacks waiting for us at home. Seriously, kids would come over for play dates and be astounded at our pantry selection (not to mention the endless bowls of candy out). After school snacks were their own story. Some days we just had graham crackers and milk, other days rice cakes with peanut butter and then in my teenage years, giant bowls of popcorn. But sometimes, there was something a bit more special. Occasionally there would be fresh baked cake, cookies and or even a quick-bread. Lunch was always so early in the day (I’m talking before 11am), so there was no way we were making it to dinner without something to eat.

It sure would be nice if my mom was still making afternoon treats for me, but I guess it will be my turn to do that for L soon(ish). Here is a little roundup of some tasty treats that your kids will love. Some are on the healthier side, and some are a little bit indulgent. It’s all about balance here!

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