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Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzel Ice Cream

No churn peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter chunks and chocolate covered pretzel pieces. I’ve been working very hard to bring you the very best no churn peanut butter ice cream you will ever eat. And by working hard, I mean eating my weight in peanut butter ice cream. No regrets over here! While […]

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Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 4/30/16

It’s been a few weeks since I gave much of a personal update on the blog and while life seems crazy, I don’t think all that much has changed! Our trip to Florida was wonderful but already seems forever ago. The days were full of sunshine, family, friends, swimming and ice cream eating (can you […]

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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake bars are an easier but equally delicious way to enjoy cheesecake. To be honest, I’ve barely baked over the last few weeks. Last week I made ice cream (recipe coming soon, it was pretty much the best ever) and a simple Passover dessert, but that was it. Between our week in Florida and every […]

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Chocolate and Pistachio Cookies

Big bakery-style chocolate and pistachio cookies are the ultimate cookie treat! I feel a little bad because I’ve been keeping these cookies to myself for a few weeks now. They are exactly what I expect a perfect bakery-style cookie to be: BIG (when it comes to cookies, bigger really is better) Full of contrasting texture […]

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Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Cups

Raspberry-swirled lemon cheesecake cups filled with fresh whipped cream and raspberries are the perfect Spring treat! Today we are channeling SPRING to celebrate my favorite blogger and good friend, Joanne! Joanne is for sure one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s a also good friend, so thoughtful, super smart, extremely creative, funny and […]

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The Fudgiest Fleur de Sel Brownies

The fudgiest brownies you will ever eat topped with fleur de sel are rich, decadent and completely satisfying. These brownies are, what I like to call, a piece of ultimate chocolate bliss. They are thick and ultra fudgy, studded with chocolate chips, layered with a naturally crackly top and sprinkled with fleur de sel. They […]

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The best recipe for lemon poppy seed cupcakes!

Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 4/2/16

Anyone else have a rough week? Poor L has been sick since Sunday and I was just in complete survival mode. Luckily he’s finally on an antibiotic for strep throat and mostly back to normal. Poor Matt caught some L’s germs too. I’m crossing my fingers that (for a change) I don’t catch any of […]

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Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes

Moist cupcakes bursting with lemon flavor and bursts of poppy seeds are topped with a creamy vanilla bean frosting. Before I tell you all about these pretty spring cupcakes, we have to talk about a special cookbook that is officially launching TODAY. My friend Andie (author of this book that I love), just published her […]

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Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 3/27/16

How has everyone’s week been? We’ve got so much going on over here. It’s good and exciting, but so busy! I think that’s just this time in life. Mostly good stuff here like making plans for trips and my sister’s bridal shower and finally finding a dress for Jess’s wedding. I’ll just try to forget […]

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Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 3/20/16

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend and kicking off the first day of Spring on a happy note! I’m currently writing from my parents’ in the midst of a big celebratory weekend. My sister, her fiancé, Matt, L and I have been planning to be together this weekend and celebrate my parents’ big birthdays […]

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Banana Pudding with Peanut Butter Cream

Classic homemade banana pudding is even better when topped with fresh peanut butter whipped cream! Ever since our trip to Charleston (yes, I really owe you a post on that!), I’ve been craving banana pudding like crazy. On our last night of vacation, we ordered dinner to the room. I had ratatouille with a fried […]

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Triple Chip Cookies

Crispy, chewy and loaded with three types of chocolate chips, these triple chip cookies are divine! Life has felt a little bit all over the place lately. Things are really good, but having a toddler has kept me on my toes to say the least! L’s the best little one-year-old you will ever meet, but […]

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Blood Orange Chocolate Truffles

Rich and decadent dark chocolate truffles with a hint of blood orange. These are the best homemade candy! Over the last few years it’s gotten increasingly harder to schedule plans with friends. Between kids, family obligations and the seemingly speed-of-light passing of time, everyone’s schedules fill up fast. The “let’s do this again, and soon […]

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Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 3/5/16

Hi from the land of I-am-so-behind! I probably could have gotten some recipe posts up for you this week but I gave myself a break for a change and tried to sort of take it easy. L had a bit of a cold that I’m now recovering from (the usual cycle) and it slowed me […]

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Keep It Sweet Desserts Weekly Wrap-up 2/27/16

Weekend time! I’m am pretty excited for this weekend because Matt and I are getting a little 24-hour staycation in the city. Without L. This is actually going to be my very first night without him since he was born over 16 months ago. Kind of crazy! I know I’ll miss him a lot but […]

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